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Tarot Readings in Houston, TX, Provide Insight into Life’s Big Questions


Curiosity defines us as humans. We want to know everything we can about all the big things in life. It is a deep-seated need to learn what’s over the horizon or around the next corner. Those are questions that you can guess at or get a profoundly insightful answer from Rosario's Mistic when you book tarot readings in Houston, TX. 

At Rosario’s Mistic, the tarot cards are read by a gifted interpreter of the contained messages. You will find that this information is relevant and accurate regarding your life and your questions. This knowledge is presented to you with compassion, care, understanding, and good humor to get the full effect of the message, even if you come in with a troubled mind or clouded thoughts. 

Along with tarot cards and readings, you can benefit by integrating the powerful magical products we offer at our new age shop and online. 

Contact our shop today to book a reading for $45 per session, or if you seek a spiritual cleansing, we can provide that for you for $65. We are always ready and willing to use our spiritual gifts to help you discover answers and guidance.