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Crystals and Minerals | Herbalist in Houston, TX

Authentic New Age Shop in Houston, TX


Since 1983, Rosario’s Mistic has been a trusted new age shop in Houston, TX. We bring customers and clients the support they need to navigate challenges and feel confident about their lives. Operated by a seasoned herbalist, our shop has a rich heritage in the mystical healing arts and is stocked with helpful resources that range from lucky charms and amulets to teas, herbs, and fragrances.

Whether you’re experienced in shopping for holistic products or exploring alternatives to mainstream offerings for the first time, there’s something for you at our store. You can get knowledgeable advice directly from the owner about the best solutions for your needs and the power behind common mystical methods and items. Discover assistance for challenging times, encouragement for your goals, and glimpses at fate with authentic tarot readings. No matter what brings you to our doors, you’ll always find compassionate help and a diverse selection to choose from.

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A Word from Our Founder

Offering mystic services and holistic products is a deeply personal art. Where you shop matters, because the people behind the business are your connection to the spiritual world. That’s a reality our owner takes seriously when interacting with the community. In her own words:

"My name is Maria del Rosario Angle. I'm a third-generation Herbalist in my family carrying on the tradition of my grandmother, Mamá Panchita from San Luis Potosi, and my father Papá Guelo, from Nuevo Laredo. Along with my lifelong study of herbal healing, drawing my Catholic faith, my devotion to San Lazaro, I receive psychic intuitions through the tarot, the traditions of Santeria, and practices from various faiths that I continually learn about to serve my customer's needs."

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"Bienvenido a Rosario's Mistic, fue fundada en 1983. Mi nombre es María del Rosario Ángle. Soy la tercera generación Herbolaria en mi familia continuando la tradición de mi abuela, Mamá Panchita desde San Luis Potosí y mi padre Papá Guelo, desde Nuevo Laredo. Junto con mi estudio de toda la vida de la curación a base de hierbas, junto con mi fe católica, mi devoción a San Lázaro, mis intuiciones psíquicas a través del Tarot, las tradiciones de la santería y prácticas de diversas religiones y fe que continuamente aprendo acerca, con el fin de servir a las necesidades de mis clientes."

Como provehedor les ofrecemos una extensa variedad en nuestros productos, nos orgullese ofrecerles nuestros mejores productos: Amuletos, Lociones, Velas, Jabon en Barra, Yerbas, Baños de Yerbas, Estatuas, Incienso, Sprays de Aerosol, Todo para Santeria, Aguas Espirituales, Polvos y nuestro producto #1 las velas de Rosario's Mistic preparadas especialmente para cualquier proposito. Nosotros nos dedicamos a complacer a nuestros clientes con un excelente servicio y productos de buena calidad.

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