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Su casa de la suerte y salud
Your house of good luck and health

Your Trusted New Age Store in Houston, TX


As we are run by a third-generation herbalist, we at Rosario’s Mistic have a lifetime of experience in our field. This gives us a unique perspective on the services and products we have to offer you — and give you the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that we know what we are talking about.

Put simply, when you come to Rosario’s Mistic, you will be able to strive toward your health and lifestyle goals through the use of our magical products. So contact our new age store in Houston, TX, and take advantage of our unique approach to wellness!

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Customizable Wellbeing Solutions

No matter who we are or where we came from, one thing remains consistent -- no person is the same as another, nor are their needs the same. Here at Rosario’s Mistic, we understand this. This is just one reason why we are proud to offer a wide range of solutions for all your physical health and spiritual wellbeing needs. Utilizing such a well-thought-out and fully customizable approach to wellness means that we are able to tailor our vast knowledge and recommendations to your needs.

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Encuentra la mejor solucion a tus problemas de salud y a tus necesidades medicas con los servicios y productos de Rosario's Mistic localizada en Houston, TX. Nos especializamos en proveherle lo necesario para ayudarle con sus problemas y metas por realizar. Cada persona es diferente y tiene diferentes necesidades, dejenos ayudarle a realizar sus metas o propositos de este año basados en su estilo de vida y fisicamente. En Rosario's Mistic estamos aqui para ayudarle con cualquier problema que tenga. Mis trabajadores y yo estaremos enfocados en ayudarle de la mejor manera posible.

Tenemos una gran lista de Yerbas para toda clase de enfermedades que este pasando y quieren un remedio natural para la diabetes, menstruaciones dolorosas, piedras en los riñones, parásitos en el estomago, ulceras, dolores, fracturas, para el corazón, mal de orina, para bajar de peso, la impotencia sexual, matriz y ovarios dediles, mal aliento, purificación de la sangre, riñones, etc. 713-928-2948

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5306 Canal St, Houston, TX 77011

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